About Us

At BAMM Weddings, we do things a little differently.


We’re filmmakers, and we approach each wedding like a film. We have a full production staff dedicated to capturing the treasured moments of your day… and making you look good!


We Overstaff

  • We send three videographers – one videographer with the bride, one with the groom, and the third is roving.
  • We are like video ninjas; we hug the shadows and stay out of the way. 


We Listen

  • We always schedule a pre-production call beforehand with the bride, groom, and wedding planner (if available) to talk through the events of the day, understand your vision, and discuss any concerns.
  • We work with you on a Wedding Production Worksheet – so we have a roadmap for the day.
  • Weddings all have a happy ending, but we want to know all the details that make your story special, so we can be sure to capture those elements on film!


We Plan

  • For new venues, we will do a site visit beforehand to get familiar with the property layout, and plan how to get the best angles for each aspect of your event.


We Utilize

  • HD digital cinema cameras
  • High-end sound equipment
  • Cutting-edge editing software
  • After Effects animation
  • Beautiful titles
  • Licensed music soundtrack



We Deliver

  • Relentless customer satisfaction